Because Mom said so

Learn to type with all ten fingers (otherwise you look unschooled). Dress up when you go for a plane ride. When conversing with someone, let the other person do most of the talking. These were tips I included in an article I wrote a few years ago, when I interviewed successful career women on the best advice their mothers ever gave them. To this list I added a few examples of my own: Before you date a guy, watch how he treats his mother; and teach your children how to drink wine at home so they don’t make complete asses of themselves in college. (Media Guy’s helpful input: Teach them what it feels like to get drunk and they’ll never attempt it on their own. Ever.)

I came across a few more life lessons you’ll never learn in school. There are 45 of them. Some of them (a lot of them, actually) are a bit too touchy-feely for my tastes. But I do try to abide by #13 and #17.



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2 responses to “Because Mom said so

  1. What’s up?. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but i think i’m getting lost!. Google lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the great information. I will be popping back over in a few days to see if there is updated posts.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Alba! What kind of info about school are you looking for? If there is any topic in particular you are interested in, let us know and we will (fall all over ourselves trying) do our very best to help. Happy weekend!

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