Show and tell

Do little kids still do show-and-tell in class? It’s been too long since I had a preschooler around, so I really have no clue. And working from home as I do, it’s maddening to stumble on something really cool, as there’s never anyone around to share it with. (Unlike back when I worked in radio, when thousands of kids harked on my every word. Sigh.)

Nowadays, I can almost hear crickets. Or my dog scuffling about in his sleep. Derisive, mocking noises that remind me of how lonely it is to be a freelancer at times.

But back to some really cool stuff that I just have to share.

I just about fainted with joy over this idea of blackout poetry, a mode of expression thought up by Austin Kleon. Quite simply: instead of wringing words out of an unyielding brain, why not take a sea of words that are already there and black out the ones you don’t need?

Newspaper Blackout Poems by Austin Kleon



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2 responses to “Show and tell

  1. yearzerowriters

    Love the blackout poetry idea. now you’ve got me thinking along similar ideas for art (create a distillation of a painting by blackingout all bar certain areas – and repeat over and over in different ways on the same paintnig, then lay out like a Warhol multiple); and music – blacking out all the notes of a piece save for those that formed a melody of your choosing, leaving the exact spaces in time. The whole idea, with overtones of uncovering what’s already there – only not – and more importantly of things that are connected, because they are a continuous narrative, yet separated by the blackness, is great.


    • Hi Dan,

      You are definitely on to something. My daughter the artist loved it too. Now that you mention it, the idea works for the stage too – bits of dialogue from different works to form a whole *shivers*

      I’m happy you found the post helpful. I’m grateful for inspiration in any shape or form – like the absolutely beautiful stuff I read on your site.

      Keep me posted on that blackout art project 🙂

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