Coming Up

Insanely busy week. What a relief that I’m not buying too many presents this year (I’m baking most of them) and I’ve sent in the last magazine article of the year. So as far as paid work for 2009 is concerned, and most of my must-do’s, I am done. And free to do stuff that, well, I do for free. Hah.

So here is a preview of what I have planned for the next few weeks.

1. Write: a checklist for parents with a kid graduating in June 2010 (go Seniors!); a kind of “what to expect when your kid is expecting college acceptance letters” piece. I don’t see too many books about that; or blog posts either.
2. Start: my One Song, One Photo project. I might root around my old stuff to jump-start the process of matching up a song title from my iPod with a photographic image.
3. Think about: What were the absolute top ten albums of the decade?

Your turn. What are your plans this week?



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4 responses to “Coming Up

  1. yearzerowriters

    Yum – baked presents!

    Top ten albums – now that’s a great one. It seems to have been a somewhat bankrupt decade in the literary world. Trying to think about the muisc world. What would I come up with? Hmm The Kills – Midnight Boom; White Lies – To lose My Life; Radiohed – Kid A; Kasabian – Kasabian; White Stripes – Elephant; MGMT – Oracular Spectacular; Nouvelle Vague – Nouvelle Vague; Dead Weather – Horehound; Muse – Black Holes and Revelations. Hard pushed to come up with a tenth taht made me go OMG that’s just INCREDIBLE. Early Bloc Party, maybe? Goldfrapp? Or do I just remember them as being great through rose-tinteds? Ah, maybe something by Elbow.

    I think it’s my age – in the 90s we had Nevermind; TWO from Radiohead to go in the Pantheon; Automatic for the People; Suede by Suede; oh, and those guys from Manchester who were always fighting & mad for it and the funny posh ones from art collegein London :p. There’s been NOTHING to match that in the noughties. Interesting that THE two gigs of the summer here in the UK were Blur at Hyde Parkand Radiohead at Leeds/Reading, so maybe I’m not just imagining it


    • Dan, our iPods think alike! I have a list of 8 so far (or 9, if I decide I’ll put both Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows on the list). Artists include Bjork, Postal Service, Snow Patrol, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Vampire Weekend; and I might “steal” your suggestion of Goldfrapp for the 10th slot. My favorites suggest that 2003 saw a spike in noteworthy releases…hmmm, makes me curious as to why that might be.

      I can’t even begin to tell you how envious I am that you live in the UK. Cool Central, as far as I’m concerned!

      • yearzerowriters

        It’s extraordinary how many people say that – I’d always thought of New York as THE place to be – but I guess that’s from watching TV about The Velvet Underground and CBGB whcih is hardly up to date. There was a whole blog post over at

        In the UK it feels that after an incredibly exciting 90s (Britpop, Sensation art expo) the Noughties have been culturally bankrupt. I’m genuinely excited about the future though – and I guess that’e better than being pleased about teh past.

        Yes, I was thinking Vampire Weekend too – they’re not quite my thing but they are very fresh. We saw them live at Reading this year – they were under Yeah Yeah Yeahs (HUGELY disappointing live), Bloc Party (surprisingly good) and Radiohead (best live set I’ve ever seen). It was late afternoon, and it felt like pleasant summer afternoon music but not a whole lot more. We’d just come from watching The Joy Formidable performing on one of the small stages and being utterly blown away by them, though (the only reason they’re not on the list is they only have an 8-track out this year) – I was pleased to find them before Kristin did over at The Indie Handbook. And VERY excited that I’ve got an interview lined up with them in the New year 🙂


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