About Two Cool Moms

I wear the bootsMedia Chick grew up in the US, Australia, and around Asia, and worked many years as a TV producer/director, music industry professional, PR person for MTV, and radio DJ. These days she prefers to work for herself as a freelance journalist who also creates portraits to tell personal stories. To keep her ideas fresh, she eavesdrops on conversations between her extremely hip teenage daughters and listens to very loud music. Media Chick is married to Media Guy and is totally useless in heels, unless they’re attached to boots.

fgirl'sShoesFashion Girl grew up in Australia, the US and Asia and has always been a fashion mutt. At age nine, she cut the frilly collar from a brand new sweater set because lace was “something Chanel would never do.” Her father, looking on calmly as her mother sat stunned said, “She may just be a designer one day.” A decade later she staged her first show, featuring nymph-like creatures in floaty, yet matching, pastels. Fashion Girl has worked as a linguist, teacher, model, writer, and fashion stylist for various it-girls. She enjoys thrifting, art history and the occasional cocktail hour. A happy forest-dweller, she is mother to three boys and partner to the Hooligan.


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